Top Ways to Increase Traffic to your Site other than SEO

Are you looking for ways to drive traffic to your website? 

It is well known that SEO is one of the best sources of organic traffic. Optimizing sites and making them rank on the engines is an excellent way of being visible to people looking for your business. 

However, it is never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket when going about digital marketing. You need to find more ways to drive traffic to your site and diversify your efforts for the good of the business. 

Here are some top ways to drive traffic to your site other than SEO;

Create Amazing Content

Good content greatly helps your SEO. However, it goes beyond that and helps to drive traffic in ways that are not directly associated with SEO. 

People are naturally intrigued by sites that have well-written content that helps them solve their problems. They are more likely to share this content on social media platforms, and this helps to drive traffic back to your site. 

Create content that is relevant to your audience’s interest and make it engaging. Mix up a few content writing strategies to make your posts exciting.

Write with a tone of positivity. People love positive and upbeat content. People love to hear positive stories, and that helps to attract new people to your site.

Use visual images on your site to add value and to attract people to your site. Use images to help tell your story, and to show that you care about your audience.

Remember – content is king.

Don’t Forget About Online Directories

Most businesses have shifted online and have websites and social media pages full of captivating descriptions meant to lure clients. People are wiser and prefer to check out the reviews of a particular business rather than opting to choose them based on their descriptions. 

List your company on online directories and review sites that allow people who have sought your services before to give their honest assessment. 

If you offer quality products and services, your business will receive good reviews, and more people will be interested in it. 

Find directories that are most relevant to your niche as people will look at them first, depending on what exactly they need. 

Social Media

Social media has emerged to be a marketing giant in recent years. Businesses can leverage the power of social media to drive a lot of traffic to their website. 

Social media allows companies to engage with their followers and provide real-time feedback on their queries. 

Once you gain a considerable following on social media, post captivating content and keep your followers happy. As they become interested in your brand, they will be motivated to check out your site, generating more traffic, and increasing your business’s bottom line. 

The best way to grow your social media presence is to post daily and make sure your posts are engaging, relevant, and easy for your followers to share with their networks.

Additionally, you should also use hashtags. Many social media platforms give you the ability to post a single post that contains hashtags related to your brand, but not all of these hashtags will necessarily show up in search results.

Some other things to try:

  • Find topics that are currently being discussed in social media and make posts about those topics.
  • Engage with your followers by asking them questions that you can then answer and write posts about.
  • Diversify the type of content you post. If you mostly post words, try posting some captivating photos. If you mostly post photos, try some captioned videos. Keep mixing things up as some of your followers will be more likely to associate with a certain type of media over others.

Guest Blogging

Blogging is a great way to express ideas about a specific topic. Seek opportunities to guest blog on other sites and invite people to guest blog on yours. 

People who seek the information on your blog will be intrigued by the posts you have on guest blogs and become interested in your brand. This prompts them to check out your website. 

When guest blogging, keep your standards high and do the same when allowing people to blog on your site.

Some tips on guest blogging. A good starting point is to take a look at what the blog’s visitors are interested in. 

  • Look at their posts, links, categories, and tags. 
  • Are they asking about products or services? 
  • How about something new? 
  • Are they sharing information on social media? 
  • Are they sharing content on other sites? 

This will give you a good idea of what they’re looking for so you can make sure you’re delivering content in your guest post that will draw the most attention.

Wrapping Up

Once your site starts getting traffic, there is a high chance that your sales will increase. 

You want people to gain interest in your brand. This is great for your digital marketing campaign, and it becomes easier to scale so you can focus more resources on SEO and these other digital marketing avenues.